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Window Tinting Photo Gallery
Take a look at a small selection of the many cars Mirage of Kent have tinted

There are a number of questions we get asked on a regular basis about having your vehicle tinted, click here for more information.

Window Tinting Levels Of Shade...
The level of shade offered by window tint is classified by a VLT rating (visible light transmission)... Below are the most common, high quality window tinting films used by Mirage of Kent.
70% VLT
38% VLT.

18% VLT

5% VLT

Specilist Films Mirage of Kent can also install a wide range of window tinting films including fader tints, mirrored tints and various coloured tints. Contact us for more details.

Tint Selector Use our tint selector to see how window tinting levels look on a vehicle.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Quality Window Films
Mirage of Kent use only top quality window films imported from SunTek Window Films of the USA. These films are guaranteed not to fade, crack or bubble and at the same time, not interfere with mobile phone, radio, or navigation system signals
Professional Installation
Correct installation of window tinting film is essential for a long lasting finish. At mirage, the latest heat shrinking methods are used to ensure a quality fit. All installations are carried out at our workshop under controlled conditions. Click here to see our workshop.
UV Blocking
Window tinting films will, as well as blocking out heat, obstruct an extremely high percentage of harmful ultra violet rays (up to 99%) whilst still allowing visible light through the windows. This effect increases the comfort levels for you and your passengers whilst prolonging the life of your interior.

Increased security
Darker window tints can help to deter thieves from attacking your vehicle by concealing valuable items such as GPS sytems and multimedia devices. Window tinting can make breaking through a window harder, putting off opportunist thieves. Click Here to see an example.

In the event of an accident, tight bonding of the window tinting film to the surface of the glass reduces the potential of flying shattered glass.

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